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    Unmanaged devices not show device name

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      I have a problem with discovery unmanaged device it does not show device name although I scan with IP OS fingerprinting.

      for example in subnet have 140 devices but Ivanti can get device name only 4 devices.

      and when I try to install agent to a device that does not have a device name. the result is failed.


      So, How can I get the device name? or how about another parameter that relates the unmanaged discovery?



      Thank you.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          So - a lot of this comes down to "how locked down the devices are".


          The IP-fingerprinting stuff (using NMAP) is essentially a rather sophisticated port/ping-sweep ... and based on the responses, an identification of things (such as the OS) and such is made.


          Device Name can be a thing that is attempted to be resolved via DNS (for instance, that's how XDD attempts to check "hey - who does this IP I just saw belog to" ...).


          So depending on how locked down things are, you will get different quality / level of results.


          If needed (/for your own sanity), I can dig up some info on how you can see the detailed logs of what info we're pulling from a device if that's of any worth.




          Installing the agent (via RPC push) - by the way is usually the last way to try & deploy an agent. For one, it's strictly unicast (so 1:1 connection to EACH device), for another there's no peer-download or anything like that. It's the "oldest" (and sometimes "last straw") method to


          Using an Advanced Agent (ideally via GPO) tends to be MUCH easier & better (as that makes use of peer download, byte-level checkpoint restart & so on) is a much better way to get it done.


          Now - PUSH-based deployments run into similar issues ... if a device is locked down / firewalled up tight, we're not going to be able to either connect to it (remember - RPC (Remote Procedure Call) still requires you to connect to a port & authenticate) ... and/or it could be simply a case that the credentials you have for the scheduler service (/alternate credentials) won't work for those boxes.


          It'll give you something to look at - at least.


          A few links for you to help you out:


          Hope that helps you a bit .