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    January 2019 - 7-Zip18.06  - x64 version removed during patching

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      Getting some feedback that some installations of 64-bit 7-ZIP are being removed/replaced during this month's patch deployment of 7-Zip 18.06.


      Our deployment includes both x86 and x64

           7ZIP-012, 7-Zip 18.06, 8cdeb29b-e6b2-4771-a0ad-d87f109acb58

           7ZIP-012, 7-Zip 18.06 x64, bedfa1f1-36e8-4781-b154-7d4944b27ec1


      I can see in wuahandler.log that both versions are detected on this client device, and both updates are showing installed (see screenshot).

      Device owner assures me that the x64 version was installed prior to patching, but currently only the x86 version is installed.


      Anyone else seeing this behavior?

      Any thoughts/suggestions?


      Thanks in advance!



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