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    Outbound Email Troubleshooting Help

    Pitmac1 Apprentice

      Hey ServiceDesk Pals,


      Does any one have experience with weird Outbound Email troubleshooting that could help me with? (Version 2017.3)


      In our environment, when we set up analyst we have an added email address field for both work email and their cell [email protected]/net (ie [email protected]) for text notifications. Below is the photo of this:

      My issue is that ever since Tuesday Night, our users with ATT are not receiving text messages. However our users with Verizon are. To which I was thinking perhaps a Carrier issue.

      Well then I noticed that if I sign onto the ServiceDesk mailbox that I can send an email to [email protected] and the users will receive a text.



      In our environment, we user Groupwise email client and to my understanding how outbound email works in ServiceDesk and our environment is like so: ServiceDesk -> GroupWise mailbox -> Proofpoint (firewall) -> outside.

      I can proof that the email is getting past our ProofPoint firewall. But it is odd that it is not getting to the user.


      So I'm wondering if anyone can assist in any more troubleshooting tips I can try:

      Below is what I have tried and what I need help with:

      1. Article Where are all the log files stored? I followed the link to Inbound/Outbound Mail and it took me here Troubleshooting Inbound or Outbound emails using Log Severity . I have placed the Outbound service log severity to Trace but where do you find the log file?

      2. I can go to my query BH- Mail Notification Receipts in SD Console and see that an email has been sent. "Email Sent?" is equal to True

      3. I have confirmed that the user(s) does have the correct number number and carrier in the email address field.


      I just want to know if there is any log I can view on the back end to view what email has been sent through the system and passed to the next.