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    ็HA/DR solution for Core server?

    Wasin Rookie

      Can anyone provide a link, document or experience about HA/DR solution for the core server?

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Most of that amounts to being a cold standby / clone of a VM.


          It depends on whether you're running physical or not.


          The main headaches with "install & convert to a clone" is usually around the certificates & encryption (all stuff that can be done / crowbared) - but it's usually just easier cloning the image / making a copy of the VM.


          You can pull some DNS-trickery as well if you want.


          Assuming the DB is hosted on a separate server, the rest is pretty simple.


          Some of it depends on how your setup looks like ... "the devil is in the detail" sort of thing/clause/


          There's no real integrated HA stuff, as we don't (presently) support clustering for instance. It's something that occasionally makes an appearance in a "I'd like..." type list, but rarely is beyond a "I'd like to see it as HA because (good reason...) " rather than "it'd just be nice".


          You can log an enhancement request here obviously for the official request (not sure if there is one already, if there is you can add yourself to it):

          - Enhancement Requests .


          Will that help to get the ball rolling?

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