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    Command Line for removing a node from LDMS


      Our PC techs will be running a script that takes them through all the actions they need to perform when they create or remove a new workstation (we are still 2 years out from going to proc. manager so home made script is what we have for now).


      One of the actions that needs to occur is when a device is retired we go into LDMS and delete the workstation. This is done through the GUI now but I was wondering if there was a command line we could invoke to remove a node from LDMS. Something similar to an "ADDUSERS" command or such.

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          As far as I know, there isn't a command to remove a single node from the landesk database.  If you run a SQL trace and delete a machine from the LANDesk console, you'll see that a delete command is run against the computer_idn for approximately 206 tables in the database, and this number may vary depending upon the version of LANDesk you're running as well as the featues installed.


          Alternatively, you could just let the systems drop out of the database after a period of inactivity.  if you go to the core server's console and go to the configure>services menu option you can set the value for when LANDesk deletes systems out of the database (or you can run svccfg.exe from the ldmain share on the core).  By default in the later versions of LANDesk (8.7 and beyond as far as I recall), this number is set to zero days, meaning the core never purges stale records.  If you change this value to 5 days for example, the core server looks at the 'last updated by inventory server' attribute in every machines inventory.  This is the last time that the core server has record of the client updating its inventory.  When the core runs daily database maintenance, it checks for machines that have not sent inventory scans in more than 5 days, and deletes them from the database.  The systems that have been powered off for 5 or more days but have not been retired will also drop from the database, but re populate themselves when they come back online and send inventory.

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            David is correct it is very stringy when you delete a node. While not a 100% automated solution, LDMSQB is used in our shop to do mass removals.