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    Bulk actions moving processes along

    Mark6785 Apprentice

      Below is a small piece of our hideously complicated request system....

      When a thing needs "Budget Approval" a task is launched , someone  approves or not and the task closes.

      When this is done in workspaces , apparently the process dosent always continue,

      hence their is an option for the admins to move it on , and an automatic action to do same .

      Even so , it still takes a bulk action query to pick out the requests in this state and run Action "Move to next stage"


      Now the completely annoying and perplexing phenomenon that has started occurring recently is that when the bulk action moves the request on , the "budget authorised YES/NO" diamond decision box makes the wrong choice! leading to the request being cancelled!


      This seems to be an intermittent problem and recreating the bulk action(and query) to only act on test cases from me , has seen it working correctly.

      But there are many such stages and today anther one started doing the same thing! so i recreated the bulk action and crossed  fingers.




      Any thoughts anyone ? Is it likely to be the bulk schedule itself?

      I cannot find where the actual code is for these decision boxes , clicking on them , even with the process deactivated just gives this:

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup



          Without thinking on the bulk actions issue for now, I wanted to comment on the base issue that the completion of the task isn't triggering the main process to move on.  Maybe you could experiment with using a calculated condition instead of a standard condition to test for task completion.  Whilst all of this is inevitably a timing issue, I wonder if using a calculation and looping the Tasks collection could maybe work the problem as it‘ll inject time for the system to catch up. The standard condition is very broad brush in that it is happy once all Tasks of ANY type are completed (end state) whereas by calculation condition you can consider just closed Tasks that have a certain typing.  I cam post an example of a calc that I use if you want.  



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