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    Headings repeated in html report template

    keithr Specialist

      We would like to make use of a html template to improve the display of query results.  However, when query results are displayed, the "Headers" specified in the template appear on every row returned.  (See screenshot)

      All html report templates on the community seem to behave the same so I am wondering if this is a limitation.

      Below is a copy of the amended HTML report template and attached is a screenshot of the query results.  If possible, any pointers to the required html tags would be appreciated. 

      <table class="reportFixedWidth" width="625px"> 
          <th width="75px"><b>Status</b></th> 
          <th width="100px"><b>Call Ref</b></th> 
          <th width="250px"><b>Summary</b></th> 
          <th width="200px"><P ALIGN=CENTER><b>Request Update</b></p></th> 
           <td><img src='{Status/_Image}'></td>
           <td><a href="applink:action?function_name=AddNote"alt="Click here to request an update"><P ALIGN=CENTER><img src='{RaiseUser/_Region/_Image}'></a></p></td>