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    Contact Group in Approvals

    MotazAlqaissi ITSMMVPGroup

      Dear community,


      I am having an issue with one of our request offering workflows as below:


      1- I have two approvals (First one is from the requester line manager). This approval is working fine without any issues.

      2- After the line manager approval, I want the approval to go to a group of people. Say "Infra and Netowork Team managers". This team has two members and I need ANY of them to approve the request. The workflow fails after the first approval as below:



      Creating approvals failed for wf instance Id:E26772E61C674E5AB7D5FC7D5FCD1E8B, Blk Name:vote0007, Blk Title:Infra Manager Approval, Blk Id:8A8888220DCA49E18D86D79E7A50AF8F.

      Exception Details:

      Message: The given key was not present in the dictionary.,


      at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowKeyNotFoundException()

      at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.get_Item(TKey key)

      at FrontRange.Workflow.Block.Vote0007.Vote0007.GetContactGroupMembers(String contactGroup)

      at FrontRange.Workflow.Block.Vote0007.Vote0007.GetApprovers()

      at FrontRange.Workflow.Block.Vote0007.Vote0007.CreateApprovals()

      at FrontRange.Workflow.Block.Vote0007.Vote0007.InvokeBlock(BlockExecutionInput input, BlockExecutionOutput& output)"



      The approval block is configured as below:



      Could you please advise how to get this to work properly?