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    Use Checklist attribute dynamic

    d�_zda Rookie

      Dear Ivanti Community,


      Today i found this entry in the Identity Directer Admin Guide: https://help.ivanti.com/iv/help/en_US/IID/2019/Administration/Content/SA_Checklist.htm?Highlight=checklist

      For our company it would be really nice if we can use this dynamically. I tried it but failed hardly...


      First I set the Value in a checklist Attribute with the Operation "Set Service Attribute" like in the Screenshot.



      In the next Task i Provide the Information and show my previous attribute (checklist) that I filled up with my Values.



      If i start now my Transaction nothing appears on the Provide Information Site. Only what is shown in the Screenshot.



      Did I miss something ? Any suggestions ?


      best greetings

      Denis Özdas