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    Script to copy value on the screen and set it to the next screen

    kazuki Rookie

      Hi All,

      Please give me advice for Velocity Console how I can set value not shown on the original screen by copying from previous screen.

      Actual case in picking operation is like below;

      Screen no.1

      Direction: User picks indicated item and quantity on this screen from the location and scan item barcode and input picked quantity

      Carton no.     123456789

      Location        A001001

      EAN              99999999999999

      EAN              99999999999999 (scan for confirmation)

      Quantity        5

      Quantity        5 (input for confirmation)

      -> Go to Screen no.2


      Screen no.2

      Direction: User put picked item into the carton and scan barcode of carton no.

      Carton no.     123456789

      EAN              99999999999999

      Quantity        5

      Carton no.     123456789 (scan for confirmation)

      -> This original screen does not have quantity and causes mistake on quantity to pick so I would like set quantity from Screen no.1