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    Run Time Query


      For each of our support groups set up in ITBM (7.3), we have a managers group associated. We assign calls to our managers group for approval (each change requests). I would like to create a query so that I can say show me everything assigned to my current group's managers group - naturally I can create one query and copy and point the criterion directly at the manager's group but we have over 20 support groups (meaning 20 managers groups and, thus, 20 queries). Is there any way that I can have one generic query that does this for me?





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          Jenny.Lardh SupportEmployee

          Hi Stuart,


          As we agreed in the logged Incident that was assigned to me, an option would be to use the "Super User Workload list". But I'm afraid you cannot use the runtime values in the way that you want to but would need to do one Seperate Query per Analyst.


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