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    User session log

    chensy Apprentice

      Hi All,


      I would like to generate a report that consist of user login session for January.


      Unfortunately, the table "tps_user_session" in the database only store current day user session.


      May I know where else I can find the record of the user session?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Pierre.Kohl SupportEmployee

          Hi chensy,


          Service Desk doesn't propose a built-in feature to monitor the user's sessions and only store these for the time of their use.

          However please find below a POC proposed by a colleague that can be used to monitor and store license usage for an extended amount of time. This will not store the data of the session itself nor the login information of the user, but with some knowledge on SQL it should be modifiable to suit your exact business need.


          See: Getting License Usage Statistics (extended POC)


          I hope this will give you a good starting point.



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            Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

            chensy when you say a login session query for the month, do you mean all sessions they did in the month OR just who logged in that month.


            If the latter I wrote this article a while back on how to store the last login date on the users profile as armed with this you can report on who logged in that month in various ways.


            How To: Get the Service Desk users' last logon date



            MarXtar Ltd

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              chensy Apprentice

              Hi Pierre, appreciate for the heads up. I will check on this.

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                chensy Apprentice

                Hi Julian, I am looking for the data that captured who logged in the month. it would be nicer if I can get the data that also store the analyst's activity.

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                  Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

                  Oh OK the trigger I wrote just stores the last logon date.


                  To store the complete history my approach would be to create a new Business Object under system called something like “User Logon History” and relate this to the USER object.   I’d then adapt my trigger to create a new collection entry instead.  This way you get the history too.  It wont give you session length of course but personally, I don't trust that as people crash out of the browser without closing cleanly etc.



                  MarXtar Ltd