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    KnowledgeLink on selfservice

    MNABET Apprentice

      hello, on Analyst we can link a knowledge article to an incident.


      How can i show the knowledge article link to incident (With a view like attachment, blue link and open directly the knowledge) ?


      OOBE we not have the view for knowledge link to Self Service layout. So i'm not understand why we have Knowledge link if the end user not saw it x)



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          Pedro@marxtar Expert

          Hi Mnabet,


          You can configure the buttons on the layout section of the incident. If you look at the buttons that are already there. Go to Form editor of the layout that you want to change, then press on "edit matching settings". If you go to the knowledge and "Edit preview" then add the behaviour you want to add on the bottom (Add new button). Check out what is already there on other layouts.



          Hope this helps!


          Best wishes

          Pedro Ferreira

          ITSM Consultant


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            MNABET Apprentice

            I'm not sure it can help me.


            I want to change layout for the Self Service (not service desk) for showing the knwoledge article linked. I not find how.

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              Pedro@marxtar Expert

              Use layout Incident Layout 0 for changes to  add buttons to self service. Not sure that you can just do a link to an article, look at what comes OOTB on the other layouts.

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                AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup



                Do you mean link as in if that knowledge article is used it directly links it to the incident for reference?  If you use the Self Service User interface (not self service mobile) the when an end user uses a knowledge article to resolve an incident it links the knowledge to the ticket and credits it with a resolution.


                It doesn't use the object matching settings on the layout..(legacy design):



                Click Edit Preview

                Select the knowledge type you wish to edit, you will need to repeat for each type.

                Click the Edit button near the Resolved button

                Ensure the linked Match Issue and Resolution



                Dynamic knowledge on Incident current is not available in Self Service Mobile (responsive UI).


                Does this help?

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                  AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

                  For got to add if you want to display in a tab or a link on the incident screen in self service not an issue if using self service user interface.  if using Self Service Mobile an analyst could link and article and it can be displayed to the end user in a tab or via a link field.  I think there is a way to have the knowledge article open as well but will take some playing around with direct URLs I expect in the responsive ui.

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                    MNABET Apprentice

                    When an Analyst link a knowledge article i want that my end user see it on the Self Service UI yes.


                    I would like to allow my Self Service user to see articles linked to the incident in list view not in array.