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    Contact Field duplicating Xs

    JillMarieM Apprentice

      Good day!  I have a very strange occurrence happening in my database.  On any account where there is information typed in the "Dear" field, it causes GM to autopopulate Xs (well, it's actually x x x x x x with a space in between the Xs) in the Contact Field and sometimes it pushes the name of the contact out of the field, in which case we lose that information permanently.  This was discovered a few years ago (before my time with this company and using Goldmine) and then went away.  I recently was marking the "Dear" field with an X in order to create a filter on specific accounts I needed to target for an email blast.  After I marked these accounts, they all had the Xs populate...but it gets even weirder.  They populate one X every few minutes....or hours.  It's random!  Has anyone seen this before?  I removed all of the Xs in the "Dear" field immediately to avoid losing contact info, but would like to understand why this happens so I can fix it.


      Thanks in advance for any advice anyone out there may have to help resolve this weird issue.


      XXXX in contact field.JPG


      X in dear filter.JPG

      Contact Field duplicating X x x x x x x x x.png