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    Cloud Services Appliance Limitations

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      We have typically deployed a LANDesk core instance per customer and established an IPSec tunnel to the client. We have a customer that for reasons will not accept this configuration. We are looking at the Management Gateway (CSA) but have been told there may be specific limitations around things like imaging, using preferred servers, multicasting, and the like.


      Is there a document that details the limitations, or someone that can point me in the right direction to confirm these limitations?


      We typically like to use the preferred server feature to deploy a software distribution point per site, and want to know if this still works if we use the management gateway as opposed to having the core directly visible on the network. Thanks!

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Probably the fastest route would be talking to either support or your partner in a "We use X things ..." way and cover them on a more contextual basis.


          OS Provisioning through the CSA doesn't work as there's a fair few blocks to that idea.


          Using the CSA should usually mean that Preferred servers aren't reachable (since "if you're 'somewhere' on the internet" you shouldn't really be able to poke your intranet) ... which is what the CSA was set out to help solve. I don't have a reason to think that we wouldn't *attempt* reach preferred servers ... (just having a bit of a headscratcher imagining a sitution in which you would use the CSA yet be able to reach a Preferred Server).


          It sounds like you would need specifics based on what you do / do not use -- so hence the suggestion on the above, if that makes sense?