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    MBSDK reboot task?

    jackhorner Rookie

      Is there a way to create a reboot task using the MBSDK?


      thanks in advance!

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          I'd do it as scheduled package -- all you need is a task / package which either calls poweroff.exe (our binary) or Windows' own shutdown command ... and schedule that package/task against the device(s) in question.


          There isn't a "just reboot" type action (in the same way that you'd have in a "right-click" context menu in the console).


          The package/bundle & task approach would also allow you to be bitness-agnostic (so you could have a 32-bit package, a 64-bit package) and such if needed.

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            jackhorner Rookie

            Thanks for the quick response!  Would there be any similar operation with ldapi by chance or any other epm API?

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              If it's an IPMI enabled system (usually server hardware), you can run a reboot with the LDAPI via the Watchdog timer (not sure how "clean" or "gentle" that reboot is, since it's coming in via IPMI - effectively "the hardware").


              Other than that - there's methods for software distribution tasks (i.e. "use this reboot setting") -- but not a "just do a reboot and that's it".


              So the way to do that is either via custom script / package & schedule that task against that device / list of devices ... either via MBSDK or LDAPI.

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                phoffmann SupportEmployee

                As an addendum - if you want a specific "just reboot a/several box(-es)" method, that'd be an ER you can file here -  Enhancement Requests - for consideration in the LDAPI.