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    GM2015 Server Installation

    MCleme Rookie

      We are trying to install GM 2015.1 Premium Edition on a new server. 


      We are using the gmsetup-2015.1.0.161.exe file.


      We are confused on how the installation knows that this is a server installation vs. a work station installation.  We believe the install is acting like it is a work station install.


      Thank you.

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          John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

          "acting like it is a work station install"  is a bit vague.  More specifics here (e.g. screenshots) would be helpful.


          Nevertheless, for what it's worth...


          There are several things that come into play here.  I'm going to reference this part of the installer for starters:


          For a brand new installation (no existing SQL DB), you would choose the option that is selected.  This would be a SERVER install and a NEW SQL DB would be created and populated.


          When upgrading an existing system OR when MOVING an existing system to a NEW server, but after having copied the existing SQL DB and existing application files from the "old server" TO the NEW server, you would choose the 2nd option ("existing database").  Here again, this would be applicable to a server install.


          For a workstation install, you would ALSO choose the 2nd option ("existing database"). However, how you answer the next PROMPT really determines how the rest of the setup is handled (regarding workstation or server install).  This is the next prompt:



          For true workstation installs, you would leave the "Install to" path as the default (e.g. local C: drive Program Files (x86)).  For SERVER installs, in this context (2nd option - "existing database"), you want to BE SURE and CHANGE the "Install to" path to point to precisely WHERE the existing GM application is stored on the server (e.g. D:\Apps\GoldMine, or whatever is applicable).


          NOTE:  This is where a lot of people "mess up" their existing server installs.  They choose the 2nd option (existing database), but then FAIL to adjust this "Install to" path.  It still works, but THEN the server has the GM application files installed in 2 locations, the C:\Program Files (x86)\GoldMine folder AND wherever GoldMine truly resides on the server (e.g. D:\Apps\GoldMine, etc.). At this point, the registry settings have then been adjusted to C:\Program Files (x86)\GoldMine and are NO LONGER pointing to wherever GoldMine was originally installed on the server (e.g. D:\Apps\GoldMine, etc.).  Yep, at this point, things are a mess. 


          Note that this facet of the installer (per this last screen shot above) essentially does the same installation no matter if a workstation or a server.  The "Install to" path just determines whether files are installed/updated on the local workstation's C: drive or on the server somewhere.


          It can be confusing, but it is simpler to manage than it sounds, once you truly understand what is what.


          Hope this feedback helps.

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