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    Syntax for Imaging


      I have been trying to deploy ghost images through Provisioning as a temporary before we move to full provisioning.  I have noticed that the unc paths that we use have spaces in them.  The folders have spaces in the names.  OSD seemed to ignore them and deploy images without incident.  Provisioning however, doesn't seem to regocnize that the unc path hasn't finished.  Has anyone else encountered this? My only work arounds have been to rename folders, or to attempt to use quotes wherever possible.  Any insight on this is appreciated.  I hope that I'm not alone.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Paths/Folders that have spaces *ALWAYS* need to be in quotes, so that they can be accepted as a "single parameter", otherwise (and this is true for any executable), it is assumed that the part after the space is a 2nd parameter.


          For instance:


          Dir c:\My Directory\


          is expected to be a "dir c:\My" with an additional parameter of "Directory\".


          This is normal Windows syntax, and a rule of any executable to make sure that a "single string" can be properly identified even when there's seperators.


          It's one of the many reasons why I *STRONGLY* advise not to use either seperators (spaces) or any other special signs (other than a "_" underline) in paths\directory structures that are involved in OSD - because it helps prevent such issues from cropping up.


          - Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead