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    Provisioning Failing After Post-OS installation

    LuffyChan Rookie

      I want to state that my provisioning templates have been running for months without issue. Now Windows 7 and 10 templates all suffer the same issue stated below:


      Everything from Pre-OS to Post-OS installation comes back as completing with no issues.
      But once I try to configure the agent it and all software deployment related to it fails (obviously), but other actions such as wait and reboot work.
      I think the issue is with the unattend file because once CTOS completes the lock screen shows Administrator as the user instead of "Other User" and my password in the answer file does not unlock it.
      I have made no changes to my answer file, images, or templates in months for Windows 7 and weeks for Windows 10.
      The only recent change was that I added more drivers for different models for Windows 10 OS.
      I deleted the new drivers last night and updated my repository. I also deleted and imported the Windows 7 unattend file again and even deleted and recreated the public variables for the answer file. Same result.
      Any ideas? (I submitted a ticket yesterday afternoon and still waiting to hear back)


      Using Endpoint Manager 2017.3 SU2