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    Query for all processes resolved today

    Mark6785 Apprentice

      Running queries when people are dealing with processes in different modules.

      e.g. 'incident management \ incident'

      but also 'request management \ task'


      Its easy enough to see the total open jobs of both types for a department \ person by querying Process 'Management \ process' ,

      to both types of jobs assigned to one department i just do:

      'processes that are open and current assigned group = 3rdline' etc


      but gets trickier when it comes to resolutions,

      Usually if i wanted incidents resolved today i'd look at  incident management\resolution\creation date = today


      But how to get incidents *and* requests closed today when they have separate resolution objects?


      would processes that are closed and last update was today work? probly not as incidents are resolved and then auto close a couple days later ..