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    Clear DateTime Field

    Gazz Apprentice



      Ive searched through the KB but cannot find any information of how to clear a date time field when using actions.


      Basically when a CI item is loaned out the following fields are populated on the CI form:


      Assignment Type: Perm, loan....

      Issued To: Name

      Loaned out: dd/m/yyyy hh:mm

      Return date: dd/m/yyyy hh:mm

      and a few others


      When said item is returned the status is changed a "Rebuild" or "In Store" which then runs a quick action and clears all the fields. However I cannot find an expression or action to clear the date fields. There are a couple of articles suggesting the $(null) or $("") may work but unfortunately not (and when used it does not error, basically does nothing).


      Any ideas?