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    Ivanti EPM - Baremetal  and Device Naming

    GaryOco Apprentice



      Hopefully this is a really quick question/answer. We're running EPM 2018.1.


      Our default OS Provisioning task has a "Device Naming" section, that gives the user the ability to either name the computer something specific (if already asset tagged) or select a name template if brand new and increments with every build. Nice and simple and pretty straight forward.



      We're about to start a mass replacement, so I've been looking at the baremetal process, which if I understand it correctly, collate the serial numbers and assign a name into a CSV and import the file and when detected it will auto build with our "bare metal" image that doesn't have a name prompt as EPM already knows what to call the device. Then schedule my "bare metal" image and add the bare metal devices to it and start the task, at the boot up the sequence starts and builds as expected.


      The first tests work exactly as I expected.


      However the device name template doesn't increment (I expected this behaviour). I'm presuming I cannot use the device name prompter template as I'd need to ensure that the devices boot in a very specific order to name correctly in the sequence. Which is not particularly manageable.


      Is there a way to manually increment the template? Or am I not using the bare metal process correctly? Or am I missing a trick with the device name prompter/bare metal import?