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    What tools are out there to determine logon times?

    stebo Apprentice

      Hello Reason I am raising this question is that our logon times (From the time user types in username and password and hits enter and gets to a usable desktop) have been getting progressively longer. I have ran logs with the emdebug tools and reviewed them with emmon I can tell the EM AppSense stuff only runs 8 to 12 seconds. But the entire logon process appears to be averaging about 30 seconds to 35 seconds. Oh and Group policy takes up about 6 of those seconds. I suspect something is holding up EM from starting (Personalization and Policy items) but emdebug doesn't tell me what that is. I have tried ProcMon but that is so much data I am having a difficult time filtering through all of it. The environment I am looking at is Windows 10 version 1709 running EM 10.1 FR 4. Oh we don't have ivanti Insight either. I have also tried Microsoft Windows Performance Analyzer using performance tool kit. That's like learning a new language as well.


      Thanks in advance