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    How to change system text?

    Maggie Apprentice

      I built a request offering that requires an approval. When the system sends the approval email notification, the system text doesn't make much sense to a the approver. Where can I go to change the system text?  Another problem is the url in the email. When is clicked, and instead of taking the approver to the request, a message says This page can’t be displayed. I have to instruct the approver to login to the Service Desk and go to "My Items" to find the request. Is there anything I can do to improve the navigation?


      Thank you

      Maggie Kwan


      This is the email sample I get:


      From: Service Desk
      Sent: Thursday, February 07, 2019 4:35 PM
      To: Kwan, Maggie <[email protected]>
      Subject: Approval# 100017 for Change#


      Dear Kwan, Maggie,


      This is a request to act on the approval for Change # .


      Here is the description of the Change:


      The priority of the approval is .


      Please act on the approval before the approval vote due
      date, . By supplying your login credentials and selecting the Self Service
      Role, you will be taken directly to your "Approval" to take the
      appropriate action.


      Approval Record in Self Service




      Thank you,