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    pad with leading zeros

    Pip Rookie

      Hi all


      I'm trying to work out how to pad a field with leading zeros but I cannot find a string function to do this.


      Specifically, I have a counter field for a new business object, with an initialisation rule on the record ID:





      I would like this to display with leading zeros on the form rather than just a single digit e.g. 00001234 rather than 1234


      Is there something I need to do to the counter or is this a formatting task?


      Many thanks



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          Pip Rookie



          This is what I do:


          Create a new field, display ref ID, as a text field


          Add a calculation business rule as follows:


          $(Substring("00000000",  1,  8 - Len(ToString(RefID))) + ToString(RefID))


          Change the form to display the display ref id insread of the ref id.


          Would be nice to do this without the extra field though e.g. if we had a formatString() function