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    VM1A connection using Avalanche Enabler

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      We recently obtained a VM1A test device and are having a little trouble connecting it to Avalanche.


      I found the Android Avalanche Enabler here: Download Wavelink Software for -Universal Android Enablers and Clients Devices and Downloaded the most recent version.


      After installing the enabler, I noticed that it not only asked for the server, but the Enrollment ID and Password. I looked up how to create an Enrollment ID in Avalanche: https://help.ivanti.com/wl/help/en_us/ava/6.1/avalanche/introduction/Enrollment.htm . From that document, I created a folder called VM1A and had the selection criteria specifically for the IP address of the unit. Next, I added the enrollment ID and password (using the group setting) and deployed this folder.


      When I went back to the VM1A and tried to connect, it says "Registration Failed". I did a little more researching and found an article about what notification service to use for the registration: https://help.ivanti.com/wl/help/en_US/AVA/6.3/Avalanche/Introduction/Enrollment.htm . It says to use "ANS" for the service, but the enabler has "Play - Enabled" with a green dot next to it and "ANS - Disconnected" with a gray dot next to it. I am unable to use the ANS connection. Was there a step that I missed in the configuration or do I need to open a support case.