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    Goldmine Email Privacy

    PCohen Rookie

      We use the GM email client, not Outlook.  If a record is public then anyone can read the email history sent by any team member.  We see there is a "make private" option that you have to click on for each email to make it private to that user.


      1) Is there any way to default to private emails for a particular user in an open record so that you don't have to manually do this each time and risk forgetting?

      2) Any viable way to set up two records, one public and one private, with the same email address?



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          Doug Castell Expert

          1. Tools|Options|Email|More options|Retrieval -- check the option "Mark incoming messages as private"

          2. I don't understand the question

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            John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

            1. Doug's answer is spot on.  However, recognize that this will be applicable to ALL email received by that GoldMine ID, and NOT just "in an open record", as your question said.


            2. Making one record public and one private is simply a matter of using GoldMine's record ownership and curtaining, as desired.   In order to allow them BOTH to contain the SAME email address, you have to configure that GoldMine installation to ALLOW duplicate email addresses, which GoldMine does NOT by default.  This is highly discouraged as things then get rather complicated in regards to which record emails (both incoming and outgoing) should be associated with.  HOWEVER, GoldMine DOES support being CONFIGURED to allow duplicate email addresses.


            To allow duplicate E-mail addresses, set the following in the [GoldMine] section of the primary GM.ini file located in the main GoldMine folder on the server:





            NOTE: 0 is the default.


            Hope this feedback helps.

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              Doug Castell Expert

              Regarding that setting: in later versions of GoldMine (2016 on up, I think?) a master-rights holder can set this in the interface via tools|configure|system settings -> advanced tab


              As John indicates, however, it will be a crap-shoot as to which record incoming e-mails get attached to. If I had to guess, however, I'd say they'd likely default to the chronologically older e-mail address record between the two.


              As to the original question, you could also solve this situation via an e-mail rule (accessed in the e-mail center of the user in question via the actions->setup e-mail rules button)