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      I am looking to setup a way to email the owner of the incident/server request every-time a customer submit a note to the incident or service request. I don't really understand why this process it so hard, but I cannot find anything on how to do it. The mail needs to contain the last submitted note. I also need this to happen the opposite way if the agent enter a note that the user is notified.

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          This functionality is setup on the process via Process Designer (in console) and generally consists of a little “process loop” on each status where you want this functionality to happen.


          The best way to see that in the design is to check out how itvis setup on the OOTB ”Full Incident” process and the “mini loops” setup for each “Add Note” action at each status. You will see the “Add Note” action being followed by condition branches and automatic (green block) “Add Reminder” actions that conditionally send out the emails depending on who added the note.


          As you will see it can be powerful but not trivial exercise to setup unless you have some degree of experience on changing process design. 




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            dennisaucoin Rookie

            We decided just to have it send a note the assigned agent that the customer has submitted a note.