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    Single Request offering template for all standard service requests logged by Service Desk Analyst role

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      So I've figured out a way to do this but I want to bounce the idea off others to see if anyone else has actually managed to achieve this and if there is any better way to do it.


      Business Object: 




      My Organisation functions on a one service request template setup using LANDesk (v2016.2).  Upgrading to ISM (v2018), we have found the concept of having to select a mandatory template for every request to be tedious and counter-productive.



      Configured ServiceReq# Business object to allow staff to use a single 'Standard Request Template' via the click of a button yet still have the functionality of selecting other Request Offering templates available using the OoB configuration.


      1. Create a Blank Request Offering with just two fields - Summary (Text box) and Description (Text Area).  These will be required for visibility in the Self Service Portal.
      2. Create a Boolean field: 'Apply Default Template'

      3. Create Initialization Business Rule to Set to True:
      4. Create Quick action to hard-code relevant recID values required for this request template:
      5. Add the Quick Action to the Toolbar using the Toolbar editor:
      6. Apply a Hidden Expression on the new Save button:
      7. Apply a Disabled Expression:
      8. Apply a Hidden Expression on the existing Save button:
      9. Save BO
      10. Open desired Layout and modify the ServiceReq main template - Add the Standard Request field:
      11. Apply a Read Only Rule to the field - This will disallow users from changing the Request Template after it's saved as well as prevent the Save (Standard Template) from re-appearing in the menu for selection.
      12. Save BO
      13. Finally Apply a Hidden Expression to the Parameters Tab:

      14. Save and Refresh Portal.