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    Some of my ADMX-based policies don't get applied

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      We use Ivanti (AppSense) Environment Manager 2018.1 to manage settings on our Citrix XenApp 7.15 servers.

      I noticed that certain settings don't get applied on the servers. Further investigation showed that these are ADMX-based policies in specific nodes in the EM-policy. However, other ADMX-based policies in other nodes in the same EM-policy do get applied.

      Recreating the ADMX-based settings in a newly created node in that policy, didn't resolve the issue: they are still not applied.


      - Do you recognize this issue?

      - What could be the cause? Or even better: what's the resolution?   ;-)


      I have followed the steps in https://www.htguk.com/troubleshooting-policy-not-applying/, but this gave no resolution.

      - What other steps could I make, to investigate the problem.



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