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    Thank you Jack Coates

    mrspike SSMMVPGroup

      I want to thank Jack Coates, he was our SE and one of the biggest reasons we use LANDesk today.  Jack has always gone way beyond the call of duty to help us and well as all of you here in the community site.  When he or a customer found a feature lacking in the official product he often times created his own custom solution, not to slight LANDesk, but to help us.


      When we were new to LANDesk I relied on Jack a lot. Jack would take my frantic calls at 10 PM and would be on site the next morning.


      It has been a sad morning for me as I just learned that he has left LANDesk. LANDesk is a great product and from the folks that I have worked with there, they have great people.  The loss of Jack will be a hard one for them and for us.


      He will be missed by many of us and I hope that he does well in his venture.




      (I know that this posting may not be PC, but I think Jack's contribution to us and to LANDesk deserves recognition)

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          zman Master



          You scared me there for a minute....It sounded like JC took a dirt nap


          Very true, Jack will be missed around here, and I personally have one less person to bounce my crazy @ss ideas off of.

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            ahe Expert

            As you said, Dave, I was shocked too, 'til I understand that he changed the company...


            I hope we'll see his postings in forum nevertheless in future... and new ideas on his page...


            Thanks for your help and inspiration Jack.



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              As far as I heard Jack is now working for BigFix, as is another personal friend and mentor of mine, Jim Sargent.  I wish Jack the best of luck, and to be politically incorrect - losing a series of truly talented personnel to another product (albeit on the fringe of the competitive matrix) may cause Avocent to step their game up since you know people like Jack will do great things where they land~

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                mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                We switched from BigFix to LANDesk because of the wealth of features in LANDesk.  Jack played a big role in getting us to switch, and I will miss him.