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    Alert when LDReboot runs on a specific machine?

    bdwest Apprentice

      I'm trying to troubleshoot what is creating "pending file rename" on a particular system.  It happens every day or two.  But when I've noticed it before, it's after the reboot has happened, so I'm not sure what was in the pending-file-rename registry key.


      So I thought it might be helpful to get an email whenever ldreboot is triggered on that system.  But I don't see a way within Alerting to do that.  Is there a way to do this within LDMS 2016.3?



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          So "Pending File Rename" isn't necessarily associated with "Just" our binaries. A *LOT* of things (Including WIndows own patch updates) chuck things into there -- it's Windows own "scatchpad" of "stuff wot I need to replace on reboot".


          You can usually figure out what programs put it there based on what paths / filenames are mentioned in the pending-file rename key.


          Also, checking on LDREBOOT isn't going to catch "user-based reboots" (those *do* occasionally happen, just as there are users who insist on "never rebooting") nor would this catch other ways of rebooting (i.e. "I called Windows Reboot / Shutdown.exe from a POSH script") and such. So I'm not sure that'd be that useful.


          What you *CAN* do (in a roundabout way) is use SLM (Software License Monitoring) to see when LDREBOOT was last run/called (since that tracks all things showing in task monitor).


          So if you've got software monitoring enabled on that device, an updated inventory scan (with software usage info) will update / tell you when LDREBOOT was last used, if you track it.


          (You may want to specify a separate / custom product in the SLM console which JUST consists of LDREBOOT potentially ) .