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    the login name attribute in the inventory is trimmed


      dear all ,


      iam trying to make kind of integration with our Service Desk System and i need to classify if the login name is from the domain or not ?


      but i found the value of  login name attribute is trimmed by 2 or 3 characters , is the login name has a limited size or not ?



      Any idea may help ??????



      Thanx in advance    

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          It shouldn't be - since if the string were too long (for example - 32 characters for a 30 character field), the scan as a whole would be rejected (on account of exceeding the respective column's value).


          You'll want to check whether this is true for everyone, or just "long names" - something like "OhDearThisIsAStupendouslyLongLonginName" or so.


          Also, check what the scan-file has to say itself (in an output) - via the addition of a "/O=C:\output.txt" flag/option. You can then see what the scan is telling the Core (the Core takes anything in the scan on good faith). If the scan is the one with the chopped characters, it's possible the problem lies in the registry (though usually such problems are more binary - i.e. "it works / doesn't work") ... but that should be troubleshot with LANDesk support at that point, to find out if it's a problem on our side, or something broken on those devices.


          - Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.