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    Problem when exporting windows


      We have  a lot of errors when inporting Design transfers of windows. Problably the reason is crap that is no cleaned up of erased stuff in the window.


      I get the classic error message:

        Object not refenerence...


      Did the this:


      1. Copied the window  in the source database that gave errors when importing to the destination database 

      2. Created a designtransfer  file of the copied Winoww

      3. Erased the Window in the soorce database

      4. Imported the design tranfer file back into the source database

      5. Created a new Design transfer of this window

      6. No problem to import this design transfer into the estination.


      My question is: Is this a ok procedure to cleanup  windows.


      I have tested just to copy windows but I think that this  does a record copy based copy and do not "clean" windows.

      Is it so?


      Is there any other way to accomplish a "cleanup" of windows?


      I have attached a compare file between Designtransfer files before and after the above procedure.

      Nice to have some comments on the differences...




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          Stu McNeill Employee

          Hi Goran,


          I don't think there are any known problems raised for windows not importing unless they have been "cleaned up" the way you have.  Unfortunaltey I can't get any information from the comparison you attached because the software wasn't able to properly compare the files.  That isn't suprising though as there are a lot of section headers that are almost identical and any software would have a hard time trying to match them all up.


          Could you raise this with Support and upload a copy of the source database so we can look at the differences in the windows before they get exported?