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    Goldmine Web

    VHerna1 Rookie

      Because the filters configured in Goldmine Premium Edition, does not affect the Golmine Web filters

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          John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

          I'm a little confused.  Is there a question in here somewhere?

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            VHerna1 Rookie

            Hello John, sorry I confused you, do not explain it clearly, well my question is the following one; when a filter is applied for a user, in the Goldmine PE program, and when I connect with Goldmine Web, the filter is not reflected, why this is, and how could I configure it correctly so that this account only displays the contacts filtered in both Goldmine PE and Goldmine Web

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              Doug Castell Expert

              when you're in GoldMine and activate a filter it doesn't mean it's active forever -- it doesn't carry over to the next time you login to GoldMine, nor does it carry over to GoldMine Web.

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                John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

                I agree with Doug's response.



                Quite simply:  What you do with filters in GM Premium Edition has no bearing on the filtered status in GM Web.  You would need to RE-USE (re-set or however you want to look at it) the FILTER being used in GM Web.


                (Sorry for the prior mis-information.)

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                  Doug Castell Expert

                  while you can use filters to refine your contact searches in gm web, you can't 'activate' them like you can in GoldMine -- mainly due to the nature of the product interface.

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                    VHerna1 Rookie

                    There will be a way that in the GM Web the contacts are fixed by only one group, that is to say, I generate a group in GM PE and in GM Web when logging in with a user to whom I apply the filter automatically to show him that filter, there will be to configure it?


                    What I'm looking for is that only in the Web GM the contacts are displayed by a single group

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                      John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

                      If I'm understanding the need correctly, there's not really a way to do that.


                      The closest thing to doing that would be an approach that limited what records the person could see in BOTH GoldMine Premium Edition AND GoldMine Web.  This would involve using record ownership and curtaining within GoldMine Premium Edition.  If you used COMPLETE curtaining, then the GM user could ONLY see the records they "owned" (by virtue of either their GM ID or their ID's group membership).  Then, they could ONLY see THOSE records in EITHER GoldMine Premium Edition OR GoldMine Web.

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