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    Mass emails

    bevf-ih Apprentice

      Is there a way to send mass emails directly from GM, and is it advisable?


      We'd like to send emails to all our customers in a particular state and wondering if we can do so through Goldmine.



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          John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

          Absolutely, on all accounts.  GoldMine has very POWERFUL email functionality.


          You can create email templates via Document Templates on the Go To menu.


          Then, you can send them via Begin E-mail Merge on the Actions menu.


          Note:  There are some serious "best practices" to consider (too much to go into here).  One example:  Always "Queue for delivery" and then send them via the Email Center's Outbox.  Never choose the "Send now".


          One rule of thumb is this:


          a) Use filters and groups to determine which overall records to consider sending to.


          b) Use email MERGE CODES to precisely pick which people to truly send the email to.


          Using GoldMine's Merge Codes feature is VERY POWERFUL.  (Note:  There are best practices in this regard, too, that many people overlook.)


          (Sounds like you might benefit from working with an experienced GoldMine partner on this one.)


          Hope this feedback helps.

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            bevf-ih Apprentice

            Thanks, John.  Between your help and a Goldmine training video I've found, I think we will be able to send emails.  I had to watch the videos on templates and merge codes, but now I know what they are for, and how to use them (I think, ha ha).


            Thank you again - I think you have helped me in the past! The only person who know Goldmine fairly well, left and took all that knowledge with him.

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              John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup



              Two quick best practice recommendations (without going into any detail as to WHY these are recommended):


              1) As stated above: Always "Queue for delivery" and then send them via the Email Center's Outbox.  Never choose the "Send now" option.


              2) When determining which Merge Codes to use, make sure they are ALL the same length (e.g. all 1 character, all 2 character, etc.)  Do NOT mix your SIZES.  I generally recommend 1 or 2 character merge codes, depending on how MANY a single person or email address needs to be able to hold. (Many folks blindly use longer merge codes and then find out they can only put 1 or 2 on each email address, because they went too long. Go short.)


              Hope this feedback helps. Best of luck!