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    User not able to open Goldmine

    bevf-ih Apprentice

      I have a coworker who is unable to open Goldmine on her computer.  She can log in, but then the screen minimizes down to the system tray and she is unable to maximize it.  I was able to log in with my user name with no problem, but she has not been able to.


      Any thoughts on troubleshooting?


      Thank you.

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          John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

          First thing I would do to troubleshoot:


          Make sure the GoldMine Windows shortcut used to launch GM doesn't have some unexpected command line switches.


          Second thing I would do to troubleshoot:


          Rename the <username>.ini file for that user, located in the main GM folder on the server, and then have them test the symptom.


          If the symptom goes away, then there is something awry in their <username>.ini.  Since it often contains important settings (e.g. email related, etc.), you would probably then want to put back sections at a time until you find the offending piece(s).


          If that doesn't resolve the issue, then I have other suggestions.


          Hope this feedback helps.