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    Problems installing software via Webportal


      While I've often thought that software delivery via the webportal is unusually slow, even taking into account for all of the hash checking, etc., that does on, I've run into a practical wall here.  I have a very simple batch file that runs a one line command to uninstall the Live Meeting 2005 Add-in Pack.


      The batch file works great and quickly if run manually (local install) or pushed from LD.  However, if pulled from the portal, it took approximately an hour for it to tell me it failed, even though I saw the batch file in the sdmcache folder at least 30 minutes before the job gave up.   I've actually had this portal job run once successfully, but only once on the same machine I'm still testing on.


      I've set up a lot of batch file, msi and exe jobs that work, just really slow downloads, but this one has me stumped.  The text of the 1KB batch file is below:


      @echo off

      msiexec.exe /x{E8033C46-957B-4C8C-A323-E502C98B3FD8} /quiet

      exit b /0


      We're currently on LD version 8.7 SP4.  The test machines are all LAN connected and in the same su bnet as the core where the packages share is located.  The test machines are both WXP SP3 with Symantec Endpoint Protection on them.  I checked the Symantec Network Activity display to see if anything was being blocked and that doesn't seem to be the issue.  Something else I noticed in the SDClient logs when pulling a much larger distribution package (Adobe Reader 9.1.3) were occasional entries like the following during the file downloads:


      SAD408:  Failed to Send Message (type 44, length 20) over socket


      Any ideas on how to make this batch file behave and/or suggestions for making the portal perform better? (currently, no one really wants to use it because it's so slow).




      Connie K