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    Landesk AV having problems scanning Lotus Notes R8 folder




      We have 8.8 SP2a


      I am trying to run a scan on a new build.  The new build has Lotus Notes R8 on it.  The anti-virus scan stops on data1.cab in the temp notes folder.  So I added that file to the trusted items folder, but now the scan is stopped on updatesite.zip in the same Notes folder.


      If all of our builds contain this folder, then none of the scans are going to be able to complete.  Before I cancelled the first scan it was scanning data1.cab for over 30 minutes, just thinking about it.  Now it is stuck on this .zip file for over 15 minutes so far and counting...


      How can I avoid these scan delays?  How can Landesk figure out that this files are legit?


      Is the only way to add the entire folder as a trusted item?  Is there a way to make the AV agent know that these are OK?