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    With Partner Support errors after 7.2.6 upgrade




      We've just upgraded from 7.2.4 to 7.2.6 and are now getting errors when putting an incident to With Partner Support.  I've put a trace on SQL and it looks like the following command is the culprit:

      exec sp_executesql N'UPDATE pm_process_assignment SET pm_title=@0,pm_description=@1 WHERE pm_guid=@2',N'@0 nvarchar(65),@1 nvarchar(1021),@2 uniqueidentifier',@0=N'Information: Incident 24470 has been referred for partner support',@1=N'<data removed>',@2='55277562-BE02-42CE-A62B-BBDDD6B341F7'


      By the look of things, the issue is due to the fact that pm_title.pm_process_assignment is varchar(64) whereas the text being inserted is 65 characters long.  That said, surely the system should handle this a bit more gracefully than displaying a "string or binary data will be truncated" error?


      Any ideas Avocent?




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          Hi Ant,


          As you correctly identified the title field can only hold 64 characters and the usual culprit is the {Title} placeholder in a title field.  I would have a look in the process to see if there is a place holder in the title field of a automatic action/assignment/reminder after you put a incident to "with partner support".  The error message usually came up in the event log for 7.2.4 but in 7.2.6 this is different.


          Hope this helps,


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