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    Image Deployment results in repeated 'Start windows in Safe Mode'


      We've succesfully imaged a machine with XP only to be our Master image and have managed to deploy that image. However, we noticed that we'd left the Windows firewall on, so tried to re-capture the image after turning to it off. We then did the following:


      1) uninstallwinclient to remove Landesk

      2) remove c:\program files\Landesk

      3) delete common API strings in HKLM\Landesk and HKLM\Intel\Landesk

      4) delete c:\drivers folder copied during the original deployment

      5) defrag

      6) copy sysprep folder including ldprep.exe

      7) run sysprep

      8) run ldprep

      9) shutdown

      10) capture image successfully

      11) delete entry from Landesk database

      12) delete network account for that computer

      13) create new deployment script - with the exception of the image name it's exactly the same as the one that worked.

      14) on two different PCs, deploy the new image with firewall off.

      15) both result in image being deployed but at reboot, getting Start Windows in Safe mode.


      We've tried removing some of the above steps (1, 2, 3, 4) and even just tried to re-capture the image without making any changes but still get the same result. Any ideas anyone?


      Many thanks