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    Supervisory Users - Query Required


      OK - I'll try and make this sensible...


      We have a requirement for users to be able to manage incidents/changes that they personally have not logged.

      EG : Divisional Manager should be able to view all calls for their Division, including sub-departments.

      Department Managers should be able to view all calls for their Department.


      Incidents / Changes all have a location associated with them, and this takes the format of..


      Company - Division - Department - SubDept


      I can write a query which allows users to select records based on their choice of Location, but I need to be able to restrict it to their own area.


      Each User has a link to the same Locations structure, so basically what I'd like to achieve is a Service Portal query, effectively,


      SELECT (fields) WHERE

      (im.incident.usr_locations) IS CATEGORY EQUAL TO (tps.user.usr_locations).


      We're running ITBM 7.2.5, and I can't see how to achieve this.


      The only way I can see is to hard-code locations into the queries, but this would be unmanageable, due to the number of groups and sub-groups involved - we're looking at up to 25,000 users.


      Any pointers ?

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          OK a couple of thoughts David.  The first is if these users are end users, strictly speaking I think they really shouldn't be seeing anyone elses incidents, just their own.  I don't think it's a big issue but it is worth sharing your thinking with your account manager beforehand, just to be sure.  My knowledge on the licnesing model is well out of date.


          Now regarding implementation - what I'd initially take a look at is customer partitioning - which is available in 725 and quite well descrbed in the New Features guide.  It's got to be worth a look as it seems very similar to what you want to do and data is filtered by the product before it hits the query.  With 7.3 you can apply that idea to analysts too (nice :-))


          Another option is to look at putting filters in place but we'd need to get our mutual heads around whether thats feasible with your data.  Usually I'd suggest getting someone in from LANDesk to look at the devish-ish detail, but I guess that might be something you are also looking at doing.

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            Thanks - we'll review the options for Database partitioning.