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    How are you using LANDesk products?


      How are you using LANDesk products? Which product in their stack do you find the most valuable?

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          zman Master

          I try not to run with them while I'm using them. We have:

          1. LDMS
          2. LDMGA
          3. Patch Managment


          I think you will find that it depends on the needs of your company (e.g., Antivirus - we have Mcafee and LDAV does not support NAS boxes). We pretty much use the entire suite - Inv, Remote, Software Dist, Imaging, etc... The most valuable - that is tough since many products compliment each other.  I would say LDMS.

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            mrspike SSMMVPGroup

            We use these daily:


            Patch Manager

            Software Dist.



            We use frequently:


            Managed Scripts





            We do not use A/V and OS Deployment



            We also use the Management Gateway

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              We use OS deployment , Scripts , Patch manager , Remote Desktop , Software deployment


              If you invest the time in Landesk it can certainly give you the rewards


              • backup address books or any local files on the PC's using scripts
              • using the managed planet right click extender you can add any program you like so you never have to leave the console
              • restoring PC's in remote sites using OS deployment


              I have only scratched the surface with OS deployment , Patch managment etc. i havent even looked at hardware independant images

              automatic patch managment deployment


              The only comment i would make is that there are so mant aspects of this product to learn .. There is no landesk admin book

              There is a lot of imformation on the this site and the web but it woul be nice to have a book covering all the aspects of the product from an admin point of view