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    Question about LaunchPad Policy's


      Dear Reader,


      I have a question about the LANDesk Launchpad. Our core server is updated to SP3, and almost all the LANDesk agents have sp3 applied. Also, almost every agent is updated with the new agent configuration (to display Launchpad in the start menu) Now I want to publish some Launchpad apps for all devices in our database by using a query(we keep inventory history for 30 days)


      There are still some devices that have the LANDesk agent with sp1 or the LANDesk agent with sp3 but without the new agent configuration. What happens to these devices if there is a program published by launchpad for them? To they ignore this, or do the devices see this is a normal policy and install the software?


      Thx in advance

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          The LaunchPad links are very similar to the software deployment portal links.  Running the task from the core will only try to display the link, it will not actually run the task to install the software.  Although I haven't tested this one of two things will happen:


          1 - The task will show as successful and the data will be stored on the client telling it to display the link in LaunchPad if it gets open.  Of course, since LaunchPad won't ever open, nothing will be displayed.


          2 - This is the scenario I find more likely.  The task will fail with an error stating something along the lines of an incorrect function being called.


          The easiest way to find out would be to run it on a single test device in your environment.