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    ATI Catalyst Suite?


      I suspect that I need to install the latest version of the ATI Catalyst display driver suite to my client computers (long story, could be wrong...), and I'm having trouble figuring out how to install it silently. The base .exe that ATI gives you has no information, and a google produces rather frightening results (silent install unsupported, etc.). I looked at the HP driver site, and their versions are too old to be of use. Our machines have the full copy of the software installed, including the Catalyst Control Center. I can live without this, but then there's the problem of uninstalling it.


      In short, has anyone done this with Landesk? Any tips?

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          zman Master

          Only thing I found was on appdeploy:http://www.appdeploy.com/packages/detail.asp?id=1565


          I could not get the boot strapper to install silently for 9.5 so I just installed the extracted MSI in the following order:
          Installing these only produces one entry in ARP.
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            Well, I did find something at http://discoveringcode.blogspot.com/2009/05/ati-catalyst-94-is-no-good-for-business.html.


            Here's how I did it.

            1. I installed the driver on a machine (mine, in this case), then went to the C:\ATI\ folder, and copied out the latest folder to my repository on my Core.
            2. I then set up an .exe distribution package with the 9-8_vista32_win7_32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu/Driver/Bin/ATISetup.exe as the primary file.
            3. Add all the rest of the files under additional files.
            4. Set the install/uninstall options to -Install -log c:\ATI\9-8setup.log -Use ..\Packages\
            5. Prerequisite query checked for an ATI adapter with a version less than 8.0.640.0
            6. Everything else at defaults.


            Now, this works, to some degree. It only works with 3x00 series cards and above (which is the majority of my environement), and it screws up the resolutions and monitor positions like crazy. I don't see a way to get around this, which means that after all this trouble, I may not end up deploying it after all through Landesk.


            There is a way in the article above to set the resolution, but my users have all sorts of different monitor configurations, so that's a no-go.


            On a positive note, this doesn't appear to need a restart. (!)

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              Henk Hillaert Employee

              I am ver succesfull using AUTOIT scripts http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/downloads.shtml in these kind of installations.


              1. Create a script
              2. Compile the script (Remember to adjust the path the the ATI suite before compling)
              3. Create a SD package type EXE and sent the ATI Suite in the same job.
              4. Distribute





              Good luck,



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                ahe Expert

                Hello Ken,


                one additional hint if you've some OpenGL applications on your clients...


                If you can't start OpenGL applications with user rights on client with ATI graphics card with installed ATI Catalyst 7.4 (or higher) driver.


                This driver want to create a file moduleName.txt on %systemdrive%. It is a logging of the graphics card for OpenGL applications!


                Create the (empty) file if not exist and give the user group change rights to this file. Than the application starts successfully.


                Or add it in your pacakge... :-)