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    HP NVIDIA NIC Issues


      Hi All,


      We recently bought 15 HP DX2450 machines and these all come with NVIDIA NIC's and when you PXE boot the machines LANDesk is unable to read the NIC even after injecting the drives into the image


      Had a look at the following thread http://community.landesk.com/support/thread/3307;jsessionid=7888E7EEAE2943B38EEFDAFA04A94D4C?tstart=225 and can confirm that when you run NICINFO.exe on the machine it does come through blank and looks like the OEM information is hidden.


      I spoke to HP and they ran through a couple of tests which as you would guess did not work but they did provide me with the Device ID for the NIC which is '03EF'


      Is there anyway to tell LANDesk to use the specific device ID?






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          Looking at the driver as published on the HP web site, what's highly unusual is that it is actually 2 drivers: a bus driver and a device driver. To get some idea of what seems to make this NIC tick, imagine a USB based NIC. The nvidia NIC is similar, except the bus it is sitting on is not USB but some nvidia proprietary bus. Almost universally, a NIC is a PCI device - it sits on the on-board PCI bus. In the case of nvidia, what sits on the PCI bus is a bus controller for an nvidia proprietary bus and the NIC is a device (the only device?) on that bus. That's why it takes 2 drivers to make this thing fly: one for the bus constroller, another one for the NIC. In the case of that imaginary usb based NIC, you wouldn't need to worry about the the bus driver because it's part of the OS. But in the nvidia case, there's 2 nvidia drivers to worry about.


          I'm sure there is a very good reason why nvidia's NIC is designed this way, but it certainly complicates matters. If nicinfo doesn't return the usual PnP info (the reason must be that the NIC is not a PCI device and therefore doesn't have PnP info that looks anything like a PCI device would report), that's interesting but ultimately it's only a symptom of the unusual nature of this NIC. Nicinfo plays no role in a WinPE boot.


          If you have injected "the nvidia driver" in the usual way (i.e. using the manage drivers in WinPE image button in the console), that's not going to work. The driver is just too unusual for that. From what I can see, you need to get 2 inf files plus 3 sys files plus a few miscellaneous files into the right places. There is no way you can get the console GUI to do this for you, not even if you inject the 2 drivers separately. Use winimage and do it manually. Or just possibly, the wpedrivers tool (see this blog article) can help. Give it all the nvidia driver files in a subfolder called nvidia.nic and it should inject them in the right places (that's assuming the right place for the "miscellaneous" files is system32).


          One other thing that slightly worries me is that the driver as published by HP is certified for XP but not for Win2003. Usually, an XP driver also works on 2003 but it would be nice to see this confirmed by the manufacturer. If all else fails, you may want to go to nvidia's site and use their latest 2003 driver.


          BTW, the device id that you mention (03EF) is "the right one", i.e. it matches the device id as found in the inf file. Strictly speaking, it's not the NIC's device id but the nvidia bus controller's.

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            Thanks for the reply Jan,


            We sent the machines back to HP in the end and got replacements sent as we had a deadline for getting the machines imaged and made live


            I spoke to HP again and they said that there was some kind of hardware firewall on the machines components which is causing the issue and is apparently something a lot of their machines will ship with soon so not sure how this will affect LANDesk in the future





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              The way HP described to you what happens is probably just a different form of words for what I was saying above. What they call "firewall" must be what I referred to as bus controller. I'll stick to my terminology because it is more technically accurate.


              I'm sure we'll manage to tame this little beast next time it crosses our path...

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                Trevordunne Rookie

                I have the same issues is there a work around for this thanks

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                  As already suggested above, use winimage and import the files manually.


                  Let me try to be more explicit. Below is the list of files that I see in the driver's XP32\Ethernet folder and my best guess of what to do with each of the files


                  bdco1.dll: system32
                  fdco1.dll: system32
                  nvconrm.dll: system32
                  nvefd2k.sys (ignore)
                  nvefdxp.sys: drivers
                  nvenetfd.cat (ignore)
                  nvenetfd.inf: inf
                  nvenetfd.tag (ignore)
                  nvnetbus.cat (ignore)
                  nvnetbus.inf: inf
                  nvnetbus.sys: drivers
                  nvnetbus.tag (ignore)
                  nvnrm.nvu: system32
                  nvnrm.sys: drivers
                  nvphy.bin: drivers
                  nvunrm.exe: system32


                  where system32 is \i386\system32, drivers is \i386\system32\drivers and inf is \i386\inf.


                  In addition, I read somewhere that you need to comment out some lines from the inf files (insert semicolon at start of line):


                  in nvenetfd.inf, comment out these 2 lines:

                  OriginalInfSourcePath = %1%


                  in nvnetbus.inf, comment out these 2 lines:

                  OriginalInfSourcePath = %1%


                  Hope this works for you. I have never seen this NIC so I haven't tested this. Please try it and let us know what happens.

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                    Trevordunne Rookie

                    Thanks for the reply


                    I download the driver pack file first


                    extract drivers go to a folder nv where the nvidia nic drivers or .


                    I used UltraISO to inject drivers because winimage just crashed when it open the image

                    I but the drivers into the peboot.img  in these folders








                    I did not have to modify the inf files


                    reboot pc which was ready for new install landesk image booted fine and connected to network

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                      Great to see somebody tame this beast...


                      I'm sure you put the inf files in \i386\inf, not in \i386 as you write.


                      The crash with winimage must have been a fluke. Many of us are using winimage all the time. I don't know that it matters but I'm using version 8.10.8100.


                      The differences between your instructions and mine are due to the fact that your instructions are based on a version of the driver posted on driverpacks.net and my instructions are based on a driver posted on the HP web site.

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                        Trevordunne Rookie

                        yes you or correct i did put the info file in \i386\INF


                        strange I open the image with winimage V8.10.8100 which I had tried before  and it worked this time. gremlins again