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    Deploy image to remote sites ?


      Is it possible to implement the OS provision in remote sites with core server located in headquarter?

      By my understanding, in each remote site we need to deploy PXE representative such that when a pxe-enable machine boot up in remote site, it can boots to the PXE menu and then choose linuxpe ...then can capture/deploy image.


      Any one can give me more information?

      If we want to image a machine with multiple patiition , can I use linuxpe?

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          1 - You can use any PE environment to image/restore either single-partition or multipartition setups.


          2 - Yes, you can do this - what people usually do is either use DNS-aliases (and let DNS do the magic), or have dedicated site scripts. DNS-aliasing isn't the easiest of things to get to work with DOS-PE for one, not so sure about Linux-PE.


          For instance.


          PARIS_xxx scripts -- reference the Paris server(s) for images to download.

          VIENNA_xxx scripts - reference the Vienna server(s) for images to download.


          and so on. At the end of the day, the OSD jobs are just scripts - you can modify anything there. The download location is easy to change (heck, the GUI asks you where it is) .


          - Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.