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    The system cannot find the file specificed




      I need help resolving this issue I have with Manage Script. I'm try to install .NET 3.5 SP1 plus other security setting, scripts get executed successfully but I receiving error with " The system cannot find the file specified"


      Below is my manage scripts and also attached is a batch file to install .NET



      REMEXEC0=md c:\NETFX35_deploy
      REMCOPY1=\\coreserver\ldlogon\packages\AddTrustedSite.vbs, c:\NETFX35_deploy\AddTrustedSite.vbs, TOREMOTE
      REMCOPY4=\\coreserver\ldlogon\packages\dotnetfx35.exe, c:\NETFX35_deploy\dotnetfx35.exe, TOREMOTE
      REMCOPY5=\\coreserver\ldlogon\packages\install_flash_player_ax.exe, c:\NETFX35_deploy\install_flash_player_ax.exe, TOREMOTE
      REMCOPY6=\\coreserver\ldlogon\packages\mms.cfg, c:\NETFX35_deploy\mms.cfg, TOREMOTE
      REMCOPY7=\\coreserver\ldlogon\packages\NETFX35-2.cmd, c:\NETFX35_deploy\NETFX35-2.cmd, TOREMOTE
      REMEXEC8=cmd /c c:\NETFX35_deploy\NETFX35-2.cmd


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!