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    LDMS query for Raid configurations?


      Is there a item I can key on in inventory to see if a server has a raid configuration?

      I do not have Server Manager, only LDMS


      8.8 sp2a

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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            Not really, I'd argue.


            # 1 - you COULD see I suppose whether or not they have a RAID-controller, but that'll only give indications at best.


            # 2 - Remember that the OS does NOT talk to "a RAID volume" but "a disk" (as it sees it), and it's the RAID-controller dealing with the fact that it's a RAID volume.


            The only way of actually seeing any of the RAID-stuff is by talking specifically to the RAID-controller. So you'd need a way of querying the RAID-controller directly (which is usually a vendor-specific thing, and I don't think that even all RAID-vendors supply OS-based management software).


            So the problem here is that the information you're after is after various layers (which change on a per-vendor basis) which will be difficult, if not impossible to get through.


            You could try to go by disk-size I suppose, but that too isn't going to be exactly reliable. Though I suppose HD-information might hold interesting stuff per chance (to at least mark it as a RAID volume)? My last server with a RAID-array packed up a few months ago, so I can't go check, but this is what I'd be looking for in this scenario.


            - Paul Hoffmann

            LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.