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    Change Tooltip?


      Hi all,


      is it possible to change the Text of the agent's tooltip, which is displayed when a distribution job starts?

      Currently it just says something like "Software distribution started" but i would like to have it more informative like "Package XYZ gets installed. Please do not shutdown or reboot your machine."


      If this isn't possible ... do you know some tool or vbscript, which i can call from my batch-packages to display my own tooltips?


      Thanks & best regards,


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          ahe Expert

          Hello Dirk,


          I would add a splash screen in the package, it's more flexible. You can add a info/text/message in your LD Packagebuilder package or you can add a message box in a AutoIT/VB script/Batch...


          It depends which kind of package you deploy. But there exist no messaging in LANDesk V8.x, perhaps in V9...?


          We prefer to add a splashscreen in our AutoIT deployment packages. If a user is logged in he'll get a (mostly non closeable) message about the installation status, the messages will be written in a logfile and to the LANDesk Scheduled Task.


          Otherwise, you can try to add some other messaging possibilities, like the following and add the functionality in your packages:

          How to send a pop-up message to clients

          How to send a HTA (HTML) pop-up message to workstations




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            Thanks, axel!

            VBS-Messageboxes are too unsexy


            But i just compiled a little autoIT-Script, which does a prefect job using the "tooltip" function:


            for $CPT=2 to $CMDLINE[0]
              $ARGS&=$CMDLINE[$CPT] & " "
            ToolTip($ARGS ,0,0, "Software Deployment", 1, 4)
            $sleeptime = Int($CMDLINE[1])



            i call it from my batchfiles with tooltip <milliseconds> <message>.